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Image by Henry & Co.

Novo Cabelo

What Is Novo Cabelo ? 


Novo Cabelo Hair System

Getting a hair replacement system can be life-changing. Our client’s confidence has been restored and your’s can too!

Made with a fine poly membrane that looks and acts like skin. High-quality Indian hair is used to give your hair the fuller look it deserves. Your system can be cut and styled into any look you want.

Image by Henry & Co.

How much will it cost?


Initial, investment is £200 for the hair system.

Prices start from £180 for the first fit, this is personalising the hair system to you and styling/blending with your natural hair.

Refit prices start from £65

Frequently asked questions

How long do hair systems last before getting a new one?

With the right care 3-4 months… some of our clients have got 5 months!

How long does the hair system stay on your head at one time?

Our systems need to be refitted/regroomed every 3-4 weeks. However, if you are highly active or have a physical job you may need every 2-2.5



Can you play sport with a hair system?

Yes! However, wearing a head guard for the likes of boxing and rugby OR a swimming hat for swimming would really keep your system protected.


Can you wash the hair system in the shower?

Yes! Just not as often as your own natural hair. Over washing will lead to drying out the system and fading the colour. We recommend no more than once a week. Using conditioner on the other hand and your system will love you!


What hairstyles can I have with my hair system?

ANY! Each system comes with 6” of hair length, so have fun and play with any styles you like.


What hair products can I use on my hair system?

We recommend water soluble styling products. This means the products can be removed easily with just warm water.


Can I wear my hair system whilst sleeping?

Yes. You do not have to remove the system between re-grooms, you can sleep in your system although we do recommend you do not use cotton pillowcases. Using a satin pillowcase means less friction on the system, you’ll still get ‘Bed head’ but that’s something to look forward to and nothing a quick brush with a little water won’t sort.


Does the hair system have to be removed between re-growth?

No, leave that to your salon professional.


What happens to the natural hair underneath?

In the time between re-grooms, any hair under the system that grows is usually fairly insignificant and will be trimmed off when the system is removed during the re-groom.


How is the hair system different to the “old school” toupees from the past?

The systems used by Novo Cabelo have the most delicate membranes into which the natural hairs are locked so you cannot see them and it’s this exceptional technology that gives Novo Cabelo clients that all-important natural hairline which is a significant improvement on the thicker old-school style toupees of the ’70s. The Novo Cabelo systems also offer a wide range of precise colour matching shades including aspects of grey hair needed for a more age-appropriate natural look.


Can anyone cut and restyle the hair system?

No. We have invested in detailed and highly technical training to add to the skill base of carefully selected and already highly experienced hair stylists. Rob Wood, the owner of the company is very proud of the quality of the work carried out by all the stylists that have been trained personally by him and only the best stylists are approved to become Novo Cabelo System experts in approved salons.


Does it ever move or become loose?

It would be wrong to say that you may never have to do a little bit of maintenance, but the majority of our clients say they do not have any issues between re–grooms.We also provide further information and ongoing support for all clients if and when it is needed, you are never on your own with Novo Cabelo and any minor adjustments that you may need to do are easily done yourself at home.

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