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So, what is it?


Carried out by our Nurse Practitioner, Rosie.


Ultra Femme 360 by BTL is a revolutionary vaginal tightening treatment available at Salon 167, Dartford, Kent.


Ultra Femme 360 is a completely safe, non-surgical other choice to the traditional surgical vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. Ultra Femme can give complete vaginal rejuvenation both internally and externally, including labial remodelling and vaginal tightening, using a single FDA approved device. It works by using radio frequency waves to help stimulate your body’s natural collagen production and improve blood flow to the area.

As we age, we naturally lose some tone in all of our muscles due to a lowered production of collagen in the body. Vaginal muscles may also lose tone as part of the ageing process, leading to a higher chance of stress incontinence, which can cause significant embarrassment and discomfort for sufferers. This is especially common among post-menopausal and post-natal women, and can be very significant and life-changing.

Many women also think about vaginal tightening after having children. During natural childbirth, the vaginal muscles expand to form the birth canal for your baby. After several children, or sometimes after having a large baby or a hard delivery, your vaginal muscles can be left looser and weak and the surrounding tissues may be stretched and torn. Even after traditional treatments for the reduction of incontinence, such as pelvic floor exercises, the condition of your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor may not always improve.

Ultra Femme 360 can also be used as a sexual rejuvenation treatment. During the menopause, the production of oestrogen in the body drops significantly, creating a variety of changes in the body, including what is known as genitourinary signs of menopause, or GSM, which affects over half of menopausal and post menopausal women. GSM can bring about vaginal dryness, itching, a lowered libido, loss of sensitivity in the vagina and surrounding tissues, dyspareunia (pain during sex), an increase in the frequency and urgency of urination and a higher susceptibility to urinary tract infections, among other symptoms. Women with GSM can experience significant sexual dysfunction that impacts on their close relationships, but many women are often too embarrassed to seek treatment. GSM is also significantly under-diagnosed by many healthcare professionals, something that we at Clinic167 are passionate about casting a light on.

The loss of sensitivity and other issues including vaginal laxity, brought on by GSM can affect sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. Using Ultra Femme 360, the tissues in the vagina are activated and tightened, leading to a more pleasurable sexual experience for both partners.

The Ultra Femme 360 device works by inserting a disposable tip into the vaginal canal, where the tip is moved along the whole length of the vaginal canal towards the cervix and back towards the opening. A small band at the end of the device emits radio frequency waves throughout the length of the vaginal canal. These waves penetrate deeply into the tissues in the vagina and gently elevate the temperature of the cells to over 40°C to help promote and boost the natural process of new collagen growth. It also helps to significantly increase blood flow and circulation in the area.

What Can Ultra Femme 360 Treat?

This procedure is a great option for women who are suffering from stress incontinence, those who struggle with the appearance of their vagina and the surrounding area, and also those who desire non-surgical improvement of their intimate health.

Ultra Femme 360 can be used to treat both the internal and external vaginal tissues, depending on each individual clients’ needs and goals from their treatment. Common effects of treatment include:

  • A tightening of vaginal opening.
  • A tightening of the vaginal canal.

  • A tightening of the perineum.

  • An increase in blood flow to the clitoris, improving its sensitivity and heightening sexual sensation.

  • A decrease in stress incontinence and strengthening of the vaginal muscles.

The Benefits of Ultra Femme 360

The Ultra Femme 360 is one of the only intimate rejuvenation treatments that can treat both internal and external areas in the same session. The revolutionary 360 degree design of the Ultra Femme 360 applicator enables us to reduce the treatment time of the internal treatment to only eight minutes, and the external treatment to around twenty minutes.

We know that incontinence and other symptoms of GSM can cause a variety of issues in your life including emotional stress; fear and anxiety in public; a reduction in intimacy with your partner; becoming a barrier to exercise; causing you absence from work and creating difficulty planning holidays or time away from home; reducing your quality of sleep and the stress of having to dispose of used pads, to name but a few.  we at Clinic167 are passionate about improving our patients lives by providing treatments like Ultra Femme 360, to help improve their symptoms and restore their quality of life.

Ultra Femme 360 is such an excellent treatment as it is completely non-surgical, non-invasive, quick, comfortable and delivers highly effective results for our clients. Rosie has carried out a lot of Ultra Femme procedure with very high satisfaction rates for our clients.

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